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AGD Diamonds approved Mining Plan for 2019


AGD Diamonds has summed up the results of its mining operations for 2018 and approved a new plan for 2019, according the company’s industrial newspaper «ALMAZY POMORYA». 
In 2018, AGD Diamonds fulfilled its mining plan at the Grib diamond deposit. The company extracted 3,435k tons of ore, exceeding the plan, according to which AGD was to produce 2,686k tons of ore. The stripping works also exceeded the plan and amounted to 20,000k cubic meters against planned 20,412k cubic meters. Excavation of rock stood at 22,176k cubic meters. 
In 2019, AGD Diamonds intends to recover 3,049k tons of ore. According to the approved plan, the stripping work will amount to 20,000k cubic meters, and the excavation of the rock - to 21,455k cubic meters. 
The plan for the development of mining operations was presented by the deputy chief engineer of the company, Vladimir Burtov. 
Previously it was reported that AGD Diamonds was granted licenses for diamond exploration, including exploration and evaluation of diamond deposits, in the Mezensky District of the Arkhangelsk Province. These include Razlomnoe, Torfyanoe and Yuzhno-Verkhotinskoe targets. The company also received the exploration license for the Krugly area on December 5, 2018.  
The areas where the company will conduct diamond exploration operations are located close to the Grib diamond deposit, which is being developed by the miner.  
Victoria Quiri, Correspondent of the European Bureau, Rough&Polished, Strasbourg 

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