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Diamond Foundry rises prices by an average of 15%


Diamond Foundry announced raising prices by an average of 15% across all channels effective 1/1/2019. 
"After careful monitoring of the market situation over the past months, we see demand increasingly outpacing supply," the company said. This is due to the increase in size and frequency that buyers in the diamond industry are wanting aboveground diamonds whereas the corresponding supply is not increasing at the same rate. 
Diamond Foundry also announced the addition of twenty-eight new diamond shapes to their current selection of offerings. Amongst the new cuts, there is the beautiful Keystone with clean lines and oversized proportions borrowed from a tapered baguette. Another truly unique new shape available in the new selection is the Sheild which perfectly embodies the physical properties that diamonds hold:  strength, luster, durability, and light. 
Evolved from the Round Brilliant, the Regulus cut also features a total of 105 facets compared to the traditional 57 resulting in a stunning round that beams with fire, Diamond Foundry said. 
Alex Shishlo, Editor in Chief of the European Bureau, Rough&Polished, Brussels

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