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AGD Diamonds mined 3.433 million tons of diamond ore in 2018


Last year, the company extracted 22,150,000 cubic meters of rock mass from the Grib diamond mine recovering 3,433,000 tons of ore. Among the diamonds mined during this period there were five exclusive gem-quality stones with a total weight of 201.47 carats, the largest of which, named after pioneer geologist Nikolay Koltsov, weighed 57.03 carats.
AGD Diamonds’ revenue from the sale of rough diamonds in October last year amounted to more than 2.1 billion rubles. At the same time, the company mined 254,000 tons of diamond ore and extracted a jewelry-quality diamond weighing 22.86 carats. AGD Diamonds also paid 196,709,000 rubles in taxes to the budget of the Arkhangelsk Province.
During the last auction in 2018 held by AGD Diamonds in early December, the company earned more than $ 25 million from sales on the e-trading platform of its subsidiary, Grib Diamonds in Antwerp. The diamond miner raked in 18.932 billion rubles from sales over 11 months of 2018, which is 35% up compared with 2017, when it gained 14.018 billion rubles.
In 2018, the company increased its tax payments remitting 3.076 billion rubles to the budget of the Arkhangelsk Province (against 2.254 billion rubles in 2017) and 87.64 million rubles to the budget of the Russian Federation (against 28.18 million in 2017).
Victoria Quiri, Correspondent of the European Bureau, Rough&Polished, Strasbourg

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