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Largest set of chameleon diamonds ever offered at auction


The most important set of Chameleon diamonds ever to be presented at auction leads the forthcoming Rare Jewels and Jadeite sale at Bonhams Hong Kong on 25 November. 
The exquisite diamond necklace features nine Chameleon diamonds weighing 13.87 carats total and is expected to fetch between HK$1,600,000 and HK$3,000,000. 
"Chameleon diamonds are amongst the rarest and most mysterious of coloured diamonds. Depending on temperature and light conditions, the diamond's colour transforms from "olive" green to a mesmerising brownish yellow or yellow," explains Bonhams Asia Director of Jewellery, Graeme Thompson.
"Due to their rarity, little gemmological information exists on Chameleon diamonds and scientists have yet to confirm the mechanism that causes their colour-changing behaviour. We are excited to present this extremely rare phenomenon in our upcoming sale. "
Alongside this piece, the Hong Kong sale features an exceptional range of best-in-class diamonds, coloured gemstones, and signed jewellery. There are more than 150 lots with estimates ranging from HK$30,000 for a cultured pearl and diamond necklace, to HK$7,500,000 for the finest jade bangle to be offered at auction this year.
In addition to the Chameleon diamonds, Bonhams presents a kaleidoscopic selection of rare coloured diamonds including an Intense Blue, three green diamonds, a 7 carat faint pink, and a striking collection of Vivid Yellows.
Alex Shishlo, Editor of the Rough&Polished European Bureau in Brussels

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