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Hong Kong’s polished imports up 10% in Q1 2018


Hong Kong’s polished-diamond imports increased 10% to $5.17 bn in the first three months 2018. By volume, imports grew 6% to 5.3 mn cts, while the average price increased 3% to $982 per ct. Polished imports from India, its biggest supplier of diamonds, increased 4% to $2.36 bn, while Belgium went up by 27% to $504.4 mn, US to rose 2% to $493 mn, while imports from Israel dropped 7% to $434.3 mn.
Hong Kong’s polished exports grew 4% to $3.53 bn for the quarter. Polished exports to mainland China too rose 11% to $808.1 mn. Rough imports increased 61% to $539.1 mn, with rough exports up 85% to $907.6 mn. Net rough imports stood at negative $368.5 mn, compared with a low of $155.1 mn a year ago.
Aruna Gaitonde, Editor in Chief of the Asian Bureau, Rough & Polished


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