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SDE held 2016 New Year Reception


On the evening of March 15th, Shanghai Diamond Exchange held the 2016 New Year Reception at the Shanghai Diamond Exchange Centre. Representatives of SDE members and leaders of related government organizations were invited. During the reception, awards were presented to members with largest amount of imports and increment as well as contributions to SDE in 2015. In addition, art performances were offered by several artists during the reception.


SDE president Mr. Lin Qiang kicked off the reception by a welcome speech. He expressed gratitude to all the guests for their attendance and strong support for SDE in the past year. Mr. Lin also wished every member as well as the whole China’s diamond industry a fruitful new year. Then Mr. Li Mu, vice director of the Diamond Administration of China delivered a speech, followed by his successor, Mr. Ni Hua.  


Next, Mr. Lin presented award to SDE Import Ranking Top 10 of the year 2015. Representatives of the award-winners were brought onstage and gave acceptance speeches one by one. Then SDE vice president Mr. Yan Nanhai and Ms. Yuan Wenyao presented awards to SDE Import Increment Top 10 and Outstanding Contributors of 2015 separately. Moreover, Mr. Lin also presented an honorary “Outstanding Contribution Award” to Mr. Li Mu, as compliment and gratitude to his years of unremitting endeavor for the development of SDE and the diamond industry.  



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